我们赢了!!! 垃圾填埋之争结束!!!

网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录之争结束了,哈拉森县的居民赢了!!! Haralson联盟要感谢...


周二, 3月1日, 2022, the Haralson County Board of Commissioners voted in a UNANIMOUS 5-0 decision to DENY the...

UPDATE 2-25-22, Solid Solutions filed a civil action in Haralson County Superior Court

2月23日, 2022 Solid Solutions filed a civil action in Haralson County Superior Court to prohibit the Board of...

Update: 2月15日 Commissioners Hearing; and Upcoming Vote, Mar 1 – Your attendance is needed!

The Haralson County Board of Commissioners' public hearing on the proposed mega-landfill by Solid Solutions was on...

委员公开听证会- 2月15日(星期二)-请出席!

委员会的公开听证会将于周二举行, 2月15日, 下午6点在哈拉森县体育馆, 25...


1月18日, 2022, the Haralson County Planning Commission voted 4-0 to recommend that the Haralson County...


The following schedule has been set by the Commissioner’s office regarding public hearings on the landfill rezoning...


(请注意,未来的日期是由HaralsonAlliance估计的.org) 1)重新分区申请已正式完成...


哈拉尔森县联盟将于周一举行社区会议, 10月4日, 2021年下午6:30在米勒葬礼上...


1)“我以为这件事已经板上钉钉了.·不可能! 这就是Solid Solutions想让你相信的!·事实上,作为...


A company named Solid Solutions has purchased land within Haralson County and is proposing a massive 2,000英亩网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录. 在6月4日写给哈拉森县居民的信中, Solid Solutions stated that their proposed landfill would have an area of 300 acres on a 2,000英亩的网站. 根据2020年3月的一份报告,美国政府将在2020年12月发布一份报告.S. 环境保护署电子表格, 目前乔治亚州最大的网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录占地560英亩,占地210英亩.

我们赢了!!! 垃圾填埋之争结束!!!
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Haralson县的新网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录, 由Solid Solutions提出的GA将从一个300英亩的场地开始成为 乔治亚州最大的网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录 在未来的几十年里,这里有1700英亩的土地可供扩建.



哈拉森县联盟 for Responsible Waste Management was formed by many concerned Haralson County residents whose homes are located in the vicinity of the massive landfill proposed by Solid Solutions. The Alliance has since grown to include an ever increasing number of people living throughout Haralson County.


  1. Prevent Haralson County from becoming the home of the Solid Solutions landfill which would be the largest landfill in Georgia.
  2. Reduce the harm done to those living near the Polk County landfill where Haralson County waste is presently dumped.
  3. Turn waste into wealth via recycling to create more jobs and bolster the regional economy. 我们为什么推荐这个?






公众 支持 需要对大型网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录说“不”,对零废物计划说“是”.



在法律上帮助哈拉尔森县长 说“不” 这是Solid Solutions在上诉时无法逆转的.



协助 教育 local residents in both Haralson and Polk Counties about the benefits of recycling-composting with the hope that this will provide the 支持 our Commissioners need to promote an alternative landfill solution of recyclable collection and other key programs.



通过短信注册短信提醒和更新。”NOLANDFILL” to 844-951-2667



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健康 & Landfill Air Pollution: Scientific research has documented that the a diverse health effects of landfill gases extend up to two miles from a landfill. 这些气体会导致癌症的轻微增加, 出生缺陷和其他更严重的不良健康影响. 2011年的一项研究记录了以下情况, though nonetheless unacceptable adverse health effects are far more probable: odors so bad windows cannot be opened; burning eyes, nose and throat; headaches; nausea; and dizziness. The gas collection-treatment systems installed at modern landfills may reduce adverse health effects but to an unknown degree. 此外,这些系统在乔治亚州的网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录也失灵了. A 2020 article recounts such a failure at the Pine Bluff landfill in Cherokee County, GA


好吧 & 流污染:

When water passes through decomposing landfill waste a toxic leachate is formed . Research has documented 133 chemicals in landfill leachate that can pose a threat to human and aquatic resource health. Georgia law requires locating landfills at least two miles from major water supply wells. There may be 500 or more homes within two miles of the landfill proposed by Solid Solutions (see map on next page). Most of these homes are served by wells that could be vulnerable to contamination. 防止地下水和地表水受到污染, 现代网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录有不透水的盖子, 衬垫, 渗滤液收集处理系统和监测井. 由于渗滤液可能永远是有毒的,这些系统必须工作几十年. 不幸的是,系统故障确实会发生. 2020年的一篇文章提到了佐治亚州奥古斯塔附近的一个网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录的这种失败.



研究表明,距离主要网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录两英里以内的家庭, 就像Solid Solutions提出的那样, 售价比不靠近主要网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录的同类房屋低10%. Collectively, the 500 homes within two-miles of the proposed landfill could lose $8.3 million in value and Haralson County could lose a half-million dollars a year in tax revenue.



Sound that disturbs the peacefulness of your home is an apt description of noise. Excessive noise from both landfills and transfer stations can make it difficult to relax, 集中精力或与他人分享谈话. 清晨或深夜的噪音会扰乱睡眠. 正规网赌靠谱真人实体在线平台堆填区和废物转运站, the most common noises are from back-up beepers and the clang of tail gates slamming against heavy truck bodies. 公共广播系统有时是另一个噪声源. Noise from trucks traveling to and from waste facilities can affect many more area residents.

在2010年 报告, the National Academy of Engineering cited back-up beepers as one of the top six 噪音的来源 associated with behavioral and emotional consequences. Backup beepers and slamming tailgates top the federal Department of Transportation’s 夜间施工清单 噪音的来源.


网赌正规实体真人在线平台登录和转运站产生了大量的卡车交通. An increase in heavy truck traffic can lower property value and increase accidents as well as noise. The noise alone can substantially lower property value when truck traffic increases. 重型卡车交通的噪音在一定程度上降低了财产价值 30到50倍 比汽车. This is because at 50 feet heavy trucks emit noise 16 times louder than car traffic. While large trucks account for just 4% of registered vehicles they were involved in 9% of 致命的事故.

在2008年 研究, researchers noted an increased cancer risk among those along the routes traveled by trucks hauling waste to a regional municipal landfill. 然而,每3900万人中就增加了一例癌症病例.


To learn more about 垃圾的影响 and to read about our efforts towards a more responsible solid waste management strategy for Haralson County visit the links below.